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Nowadays stem cell therapy is an alternative medicine that gains more roles in curing many diseases. If you are interested in stem cell therapy for curing diseases, rehabilitation, or esthetic; we have professional team for giving advices, as well as high quality facility and expert staffs ready to provide comprehensive service to you.

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Stem cell knowledge

Stem cells are the cells with specific characteristics, and functions of repairing damaged cell or tissue in the body.

Important properties of stem cell

  • 1. Self-renewal able to divide itself at all times.
  • 2. Remaining after divided, it can still maintain its own property (undifferentiated state).
  • 3. Differentiate to specialize cell when there is any injury, cell or tissue damage in the body, stem cell can change itself in to be the troubled cell, in order to repair or treat that spot. From example, when you scrub the skin to get rid of scurf, stem cell will change into skin cell to compensate the lost cells.

Ability of stem cell

  • 1. Homing automatically runs to the position of troubled cell, damaged tissue, or tissue with inflammation.
  • 2. Differentiation changing itself into the damaged specialized cell.
  • 3. Trophic support secreting substances to induce tissue regeneration.
  • 4. Anti-Inflammation reducing inflammation of cells or tissues.
  • 5. Neo Vascularization producing essential growth factor to help inducing new blood vessel creation, as well as solving problem of scar tissue.
  • 6. Anti-Apoptosis reducing cell death in troubled area.

Type of Stem cell

  • 1. Embryonic Stem Cell it is the stem cell from human embryo, with high purity, and can be used to developing into stem cell for treatment. However, this method of stem cell harvest is similar to killing a child in womb, so it is not acceptable in moral aspect.
  • 2. Adult Stem Cell (Somatic Stem Cell) it is matured stem cell in the body from young age to old. There are stem cell types that can be used differently, and cannot be used as a whole. So they need to be extracted first.

Stem cell advantage

  • 1. Totipotent Stem Cell is the cells that can develop into every other cells type in the body.
  • 2. Pluripotent Stem Cell is the cells that can develop into nearly all cell types in the body, and can be found in fetus from embryonic stage.
  • 3. Multipotent Stem Cell is the cells that can develop into many cell types.
  • 4. Oligopotent Stem Cell is the cells that can develop into some cell types.
  • 5. Unipotent Stem cell is the cells that can develop into only one specific cell type.


Transformation of cell from one type into another, in order to repair or cure parts of the body.

  • 1. Hematopoietic Stem Cell transformation from white blood cell, red blood cell, blood platelet to nerve cell, cardiac muscle cell, liver cell.
  • 2. Mesenchymal Stem Cell transformation from cartilage cell, tendon cell, joint cell, muscle cell to white blood cell, red blood cell, blood platelet, skin cell, hair root cell and hair cell.

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    Source of stem cell

    There are many sources of stem cell in our body. Each source has difference appropriate methods of stem cell harvest, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

    • 1. Umbilical cord Stem cell will be taken from the blood inside umbilical cord of a newborn, and stored well. Read more


      • 1. Easy to harvest, and harmless for both mother and child.
      • 2. Very easy to extract.
      • 3. Gain quite abundant amount of stem cell.
      • 4. Harvested stem cells are pure.
      • 5. Operating fee is not expensive.


      • 1. Can harvest only one time.
      • 2. The harvester has to stand by until the childbirth procedures are done.
      • 3. High risk of contamination from puncture.
      • 4. Amount of harvested blood depends on the harvesting doctor's skill.
      • 5. Amount of harvested stem cell can be used for a child who weights up to 30 kg.
    • 2. Bone marrow Stem cell will be taken from the blood in bone marrow, similar to bone marrow transplantation which require spine puncture. Read more


      • 1. Gains both Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal Stem Cell.
      • 2. Able to harvest many times.
      • 3. Gain quite abundant amount of stem cell.
      • 4. Harvested stem cell can be cultured for multiplication.


      • 1. The patient is hurt from receiving spine puncture.
      • 2. There may be bone particles mixed up with the cells.
      • 3. Cell extract is quite hard to do.
      • 4. There are many side effects.
      • 5. After cell harvest, the patient needs to spend the night resting in hospital.
    • 3. Body fat this is the same method as liposuction Read more


      • 1. Patient will lost weight from having body fat sucked out.
      • 2. The gained cell is Mesenchymal Stem Cell.
      • 3. Harvested stem cell can be cultured for multiplication.
      • 4. Able to harvest many times.


      • 1. The patient is hurt from receiving liposuction.
      • 2. Cell extract is very complicated.
      • 3. Amount of the gained cell is very low, so they need to be cultured first.
      • 4. Cell culture takes at least 1 month.
      • 5. There is high risk of contamination from process of liposuction to cell culture.
      • 6. Operating fee is not expensive.
    • 4. Milk tooth the tooth must be the one fallen out within 24 hours. Read more


      • 1. Easy and convenient to harvest.
      • 2. Harvested stem cell can be cultured for multiplication.
      • 3. Operating fee is not expensive.


      • 1. The patient had to wait for the milk teeth to fall out.
      • 2. Cell extract is very complicated.
      • 3. Amount of extracted cell is very few.
      • 4. There are high risk of contamination.
      • 5. The cells need to be cultured for multiplication before using.
    • 5. Harvesting from blood stream This is done by using a specialized machine, and can be done many times through all the patient's life. Read more
      • 1. Easy, convenient, safe to do, and doesn't need to be done in operation room.
      • 2. The tool set used in this method is a closed system and single use.
      • 3. The patient is not hurt, and can go home immediately after the harvest is complete, no need to stay overnight.
      • 4. No side effects.
      • 5. Gains large amount of stem cell (over 10,000 million).
      • 6. Gains enough cells for treatment.

    Stem cells transplantations

    After harvesting stem cells, we can use them for various type of transplantations

    • 1. Autologous Transplantation using one's own cells for oneself.
    • 2. Allogeneic Transplantation using one person cells in another person, or someone who is blood-related, twin, or someone else. In case of using the cell for someone else, HLA test needs to be done in order to find out about cell compatibility.
    • 3. Xenogeneic Transplantation using human cells for animal, or using animal cells for human, which is still unacceptable method.

    Caution in using stem cell for treatment

    When using stem cell for treatments, there are many factors that need to considered, for example

    • 1. Amount of usable stem cell
    • 2. Cell vitality injecting dead stem cell into the body is no different from injecting plain water into the body.
    • 3. Infection test
    • 4. Injecting location injecting location affects stem cell's flow to the needed area, such as, when having injury, the doctor will inject stem cell near the injury.
    • 5. Syringe needle size

    Factors affecting stem cell treatment

    • 1. Age In old people case, the treatment result and recover will be slower than young people.
    • 2. Treatment location Lesion locations will give result of treatment differently. Also, stem cell injecting location selection will affect the treatment speed differently.
    • 3. Amount of stem cell used in the treatment
    • 4. Taking care of oneself This is very important, because stem cell treatment is not the same as medical treatment which gives fast result. Also, the stem cell has ability of homing, so if the patient has 2 troubled areas, the stem cells may split up to cure both areas, resulting in low performance. Moreover, if using stem cell in allogeneic transplantation, the patient will need close supervision in order to prevent cell rejection from the body. The patient need immunosuppression drugs, or may also have to receive infection preventing drug and other supportive treatments.
    • 5. Adult stem cell selection To select between Hematopoietic stem cell or Mesenchymal stem cell.

Our services

We aims to provide comprehensive services of stem cell cryopreservation, with a variety of optional services to facilitate and fulfill every client's need including:
  • • Consultation services for advices, recommendation, and knowledge about stem cells, from stem cell collection, selection and separation, cryopreservation, and the uses of stem cells for medical purposes
  • • Blood test and medical check-up services
  • • Stem-cell collection and separation from blood cells obtained directly from clients
  • • Stem-cell cryopreservation and storage for medical uses in the future
  • • Gene investigation from saliva to evaluate the risk of possible disease in the future

Benefits in taking stem cell therapy course with us in Thailand

  • - Our service focuses on using Autologous Stem Cell, your own cell for your own good, which has high safety. No worries about infectious disease, or limitations as in other methods.
  • - Save more cost than in many other countries.
  • - Save more cost than hospitals in Thailand.
  • - We provide comprehensive service, from harvesting stem cell, stem cell cryopreservation and storage (stem cell bank), to using stem cell for treating many diseases, all-in-one place.
  • - Be at ease with our doctors and medical teams, who have more than 10 years of experiences in the field of stem cells.
  • - Our medical laboratory is clean with international safety standard, and fully equipped with advanced tools and medical equipment, in order to gain effective stem cells that can treat diseases with maximum benefits.
  • - We offer esthetic service in special price for our stem cell therapy clients.
  • - As for oversea clients, we have English and Japanese speaking agents who are ready to support you in contacting with our service center. Please feel free to ask us.
  • - As for oversea clients, this is a good chance to relax and travel in beautiful places of Thailand. (Click here)

We harvest stem cell using Apheresis machine

It is a machine that can takes blood out of the body, and separate red blood cells, white blood cells, and stem cell; then giving the rest back to the body in cycle, just like normal blood circulation. This machine is used in harvesting stem cell from one's own blood.

We harvest stem cell using Apheresis machine

Diseases that can be cure by stem cell therapy

Most of the diseases that can be cure by stem cell therapy are those caused by deterioration of the body, or injury; not diseases caused by genetic.

Diseases that can be cure by stem cell therapy

Harvesting stem cells

Step 1: The patient receives blood test to examine the condition of blood cell, as well as kidney, liver and other organs' function test, if needed.

Step 2: The doctor will give injection to stimulate stem cell creation. The first injection will be done in the same day that the patient received blood test. Then, the patient needs to come to receive injection again in continuous 3 days, which will be 4 times altogether. For the best result, the patient should come in the same time for every injection. For example, if in first day the patient received injection on 13:00; then he/she should come to receive injection again on 13:00 in the second, third and fourth day, or ± 1 hour of that time. After all injections are complete, the doctor will do the blood test again, to evaluate amount of stem cell in the patient's blood. As for the symptoms that may occur during injections, there are some backaches, which will occur much in the second and third day. Also there may be slight fever, or feeling hot and cold, which is the sign that patient's body is creating more stem cells, so this is normal thing. If the backache is intense, the patient can take painkiller such as paracetamol. During 4 days of stem cell stimulating injection, the patient should:

  • 1. Take calcium supplements such as CDR Calcium-D-Redoxon, from the first day of injection until the day of receiving stem cell back to the body; in order to help the bone's function.
  • 2. Avoid doing hard exercise.
  • 3. Be careful not to get any injuries.
  • 4. Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • 5. Get enough sleep.

Step 3: The doctor will harvest stem cells, by having the patient sit down on sofa and be awake for 2-4 hours. During that, the doctor will draw patient's blood from one arm into Apheresis machine. The machine will keep only the stem cell, and return other parts back to the body via other arm. During stem cell harvesting, the patient can chat and drink water as normal. After procedures are done, the patient can drive home without facing any side effects.

Step 4: After harvesting stem cell, we will wait for 3 days. Then the doctor will give stem cell back to patient's body, which will takes 2 hours. After these procedures are done, the patient can go home right away. Also, he/she can drive home without facing any side effects.

After harvesting and receiving stem cells back, the patient should:

  • - Eat high protein foods
  • - Be careful not to get any injuries
  • - Avoid doing hard exercise in the first month

Let's take a look at conclusion of stem cell therapy procedures.

  • 1st day: blood test and stem cells stimulating injection
  • 2nd , 3rd ,4th day: stem cells stimulating injection
  • 5th day: the doctor will harvest your stem cells
  • 8th day: the doctor will give stem cells back to your body

Now stem cell therapy course is finished completely.


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Special! For those who wish to recieve stem cell therapy and contact us, get free multivitamin treatment and learn more about stem cell at our clinic --- free of charge.

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